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Today’s blog post is dedicated to the variety that makes life complete. Above is a collage of some of the people, places, and times that I’ve been able to share with you via this blog. I have been fortunate enough to have participated in various blogging challenges in the past few years. Because of the blogging challenges, my blog has gotten more readers than ever. I am grateful to everyone who reads my blogs and everyone who takes the time to share their thoughts, feelings, and impressions via the comments section.

Doing blogging challenges also means that I have the opportunity to explore other people’s blogs. There is such a wonderful variety of blogs in the world of cyberspace. One can never get bored by reading blogs.

Here are some blogs that I would recommend:

1. This blog is written by a self-professed “bookworm.”  It is called “Ramblin’ with AM.” The blogger lives in Central New York, and she blogs about her life and her adventures. Sometimes, she writes about the dangers of falling for older people. She takes lovely photographs, as well. She has a lovely storytelling voice that is really pleasant to read.

The link: Ramblin’ with AM

2. This blog is all about music. It is called “This Year in Music.” Every day, the blogger offers stories, complete with musical samples, about a wide variety of genres. This blog has exposed me to all sorts of music. The blogger has really opened my mind to appreciating music. The blog is very professionally done. It reads like a magazine (with sound treats).

The link: This Year in Music

3. Sometimes, I participate in online art class that are run by Strathmore Online Studios. I’m more likely to participate in them during the winter than during the growing season, when gardening keeps me busy and leaves me tired. One of the online art classes was about doing a visual journal with watercolor paint. The instructor who was very encouraging and positive is a professional artist named Cathy Johnson. She has written a variety of books, with luscious illustrations, and she has a blog. It isn’t updated a lot but provides a lot of helpful hints on watercolor painting techniques. It is titled “Art, Life, and other oddities.”

The link: Art, life, and other oddities

4. Jeanine, whom I met through the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, maintains a very wonderful blog. Visiting her blog is like visiting a very peaceful space where you can leave behind all of the stresses of the day. Her blog is focused on spirituality and on healing. She talks about crystals and meditation and other good stuff. During this year’s very stressful presidential election, going to that peaceful place is something very special.

The link: One enchanted story

5. Here is a very entertaining blog. It’s called “It’s all a matter of perspective.” And, yes, that’s what life and art and blogging are about… a matter of perspective. It is sometimes hilarious and always very insightful.

The link: It’s all a matter of perspective

Happy reading!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the link to my blog! I'll certainly check out the others (the ones that I didn't know about, that is).

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