A new adventure for a new year!
On January 30th, I will be headed to Quito, Ecuador, for a month at the
Banana Spanish School. 
It is a total immersion program. I will take four hours of lessons at the language school daily (Monday through Friday) and will live with an Ecuadorian family. The goal is for me to speak Spanish all of the time so that I can improve my Spanish language skills.
For the second month that I am in Ecuador, I will be participating in a volunteer program at an organic farm on the Pacific coast. I am looking forward to learning about organic farming, to seeing the Pacific Ocean, and to getting practical use of the Spanish language skills that I intend to acquire at the Banana Spanish School.
OK. So I am also looking forward to escaping from this frozen wasteland (aka Western New York in the middle of winter). I cannot deny it.
When I come back, I’ll have plenty of stories and pictures to share… with a little bit more color than this one. Yep, that’s the blue spruce in front of my house. Last week, it was covered with snow. It was quite a sight. As I had just acquired a camera, I thought that I would take a picture of the snow-laden tree. So… here it is.
And… Ecuador… here I come! My first time in South America!
Bye for now!

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