Dream vacation… or nightmare?

For quite some time, people have been telling me how wonderful cruises are. I wanted to go, but I knew that it wasn’t an option because a cabin for a single person is expensive. I have seen photos in other blogs and my friends shown me pictures of exotic places that they visited. It was amazing to see.

And then, I got the opportunity to go on a cruise. And, even better, it’s a fundraiser for my church, St. Martin in the Fields. I am sharing a cabin with a good friend so the adventure is somewhat affordable. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm waned a bit after I made the mistake of watching “Titanic.” If you’re going on a cruise, try not to watch that movie. And then, someone asked me if the ship was going anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle and if I thought that I would be kidnapped by space aliens.


My head is now filled with all of these bizarre terrors. A ship hitting an iceberg (unlikely in the Caribbean), too much excitement about taking pictures of swirling ocean waters and falling overboard (also unlikely), the magical disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle (well, I could be a journalistic superstar if I were to interview a space alien)… and so many fears that I haven’t experienced yet.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon from Port Canaveral. We are a big group. It will be an adventure. Somehow, I don’t think that it will be anywhere near as dramatic or as terrifying as the images in my feverish imagination. It’s definitely something on my bucket list, along with visiting Florida. And now, I’ve done that. Onward and upward!

13 thoughts on “Dream vacation… or nightmare?”

  1. Enjoy your cruise, Alice. I have been on a few to the Caribbean and to Alaska. I’ve enjoyed them all. However, I would not do it again after seeing what happened during Covid and now realizing what they can do to the environment. Another spoiler! Sorry, ignore!!

  2. Did you know adventurous retirees can live on those ships as an alternative to a retirement home? Apparently more affordable, too. You’d have to be adventurous to do that. And deal with unlikely events such as crashing or more likely, covid! Might be fun and educational.

  3. How exciting Alice! Enjoy your cruise and have a wonderful time. Rich and I one a cruise way back in the 90’s from one of our supply companies for our business. We went to the Bahamas and the ocean was like glass, no waves at all! I’ll be waiting for you blog about your cruise!

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