doodling in orange and black

let’s try drawing with ink!

Today’s prompt for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge has to do with autumn. What am I doing that is unique to the season? I guess that I could say that I am celebrating it by starting a month of pen and ink. It’s not the easiest medium for me, so be prepared for some impressive disasters. Or at least all sorts of smudges. I just recently discovered that the month is called Inktober, and that it’s an actual challenge. There are prompts for the month. Yesterday, I saw a few Inktober drawings. I’ll start tomorrow with the prompts. Today, I am doodling and attempting to get pen and ink to be my friends. One of the suggestions for drawing with this medium is not to start with a pencil sketch but to draw in ink. When you draw in ink, it is much harder to fix mistakes because ink is much more permanent than pencil. I chose to draw with ink because why not go for it with as much enthusiasm as possible? It is said that we learn from our mistakes. I just hope that’s true!

this medium is really new to me, especially that pen with an itty bitty ink well

I guess that I will have some smudges along the way to mastering that itty bitty ink well. I was annoyed by the smudges in this picture, which is why I set it aside. Nevertheless, I decided to finish it, smudges and all. But life is messy like that. So look for more smudgy pictures as I get adjusted to the new medium. I’m going to try to follow the prompts list that I found online so who knows how I will interpret a prompt. Check back in a few days to see what happens! You never know!

4 thoughts on “doodling in orange and black”

  1. Hi Alice that sounds like fun.
    There must be a technique to use the smudges as part of the art. Have you seen chalk artists smudge the chalk lines to blend the colours and create a gradient in the colour.
    Blog on, it doesn’t smudge. 😉

    1. The smudging was definitely an accident with the ink! With chalk or charcoal, smudges are preferred and I even have tools to encourage the smudging to happen. I think that I’m going to try using a paintbrush, as opposed to that challenging pen with my next attempt at ink art!!!
      Have a great day and blog on, Doug!

  2. I love it, smudges and all. I love to doodle but so far I have always started with a pencil. I think I will try this for the month. I keep a doodle journal, as I try to doodle part of my daily life. I need to fine out more about the prompts and Inkober. I will be watching for your posts to see how you work your smudges into your finished doodles.

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