Documenting a radiantly sunny September day

This morning, I wondered what I wanted to blog about today. What stories were there to be told? What images to be shared? I looked out the window and saw that it was truly a radiantly sunny day, just six days before the start of autumn. I thought… why not document my adventures here in Grand Island, New York. 

Last year, a house
burned down very quickly.
It was torn down and
the land was sold. Just
recently, construction
started on a new house.

Soooooo…. I set out with a camera around my neck, ready to document the interesting images of the day. I left the house, headed to Elderwood, a nursing home in Grand Island. At Elderwood was a food truck from Chef’s, an Italian restaurant in Buffalo. Not long after I left the house, I saw my friend, Diane, who was driving her car. She had stopped to pick me up. It was nice to see Diane driving because, a few months ago, she was in a car accident,which resulted in injury to her. 

Bouncing back from an injury is challenging. There is pain and loss of confidence, not in your own driving but in your ability to predict the behavior of other drivers. Unfortunately, there are people on the road who are not really paying attention, for various reasons: texting, talking on cell phones, mediating disputes in the car, or anything else that distracts them from keeping their full attention on the road. 

minion at the garage sale, looking
to be adopted.

Diane and I visited a garage sale in Grand Island. A mom and her daughter were selling a variety of things, including a half-size refrigerator. We found out that the mom and daughter had just recently moved here from Syracuse. As I was born in Syracuse, I enjoyed talking about central New York with them.

the food truck from Chef’s restaurant.

Then, we got back in the car, and Diane dropped me off at Elderwood. I went to the food truck, which was from Chef’s restaurant, in downtown Buffalo. I looked at the selection of foods and chose eggplant parmesan, which came with spaghetti, a marinara sauce, cheese, and bread and butter. Yum. I sat down at an outdoor table to enjoy my meal.

Lunch at the food truck. The eggplant
parmesan cost $6.50.

Unfortunately, there were a few yellow jackets, who also wanted a taste test of my meal. They aren’t bees, although some people call them bees. Confusing yellow jackets with bees is a common mistake. Yellow jackets aren’t bees; they are wasps. Yellow jackets can be quite aggressive and a yellow jacket can sting over and over again, which can’t be a very pleasant thing for the recipient of the (seemingly) endless stinging session.

The folks at Elderwood were giving
away sunglasses. Hmmm, wouldn’t
sunglasses make me look super
cool, especially when I’m driving
this BMW convertible?

Other than a bit of annoyance from the yellow jackets, eating outside was a pleasant activity. I was joined at the table by four women who work at St. Stephen School, which offers education to children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. They let me know that St. Stephen will hold its annual chicken barbecue and basket raffle from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow. All proceeds will benefit the school and its educational mission.

The Pepper Mill has
been closed for several
years. My parents
used to enjoy eating
there. A new
restaurant, called 773 North,
will open sometime
soon in that location.

After lunch, I started walking home. Before long, I was across the street from my sister’s house and was surprised to see her car in the driveway and the garage door open. I also saw a man standing on the lawn, talking on a cell phone. Hmmm. My eyesight is not awesome enough for me to identify people who are across the street so I crossed the street and soon found myself happily hugging my nephew Devin, who was on his way back to California from a business trip in Quebec. He had stopped to stay with his mom for a few days.What a wonderful surprise that was!

After visiting, I walked home via the town’s linear bike path and a few roads.

seen along the bike path

On the bike path, I met a couple who had been riding their bikes and who were relaxing at a bench. They expressed an interest in Grand Island history so I answered a few questions and told a story or two and encouraged them to come to the October meeting of the Grand Island Historical Society.

one view of Woods Creek

footbridge over Woods Creek
Another view of Woods Creek, at a
different location

I arrived at home and was so happy that it was warm enough for me to sit on the porch. My friend Carmen came and delivered a box filled with produce from the Becker Farms CSA. I found a huge stack of corn and a spaghetti squash, among other produce. I’m thinking of making fresh corn chowder. I’ll look for recipes for spaghetti squash.

Omelet, potatoes, and tea…

I cooked dinner, but, after my big lunch, I really wanted a light dinner, so I made an omelet and sauteed potatoes and onions.

What sort of adventures have you been enjoying today?

7 thoughts on “Documenting a radiantly sunny September day”

  1. Yellow jackets are a hazard for anyone eating outside this time of year. Alas, I can't eat my lunch outside anymore, a favorite pastime through the summer. Today, I met up with downstate cousins who were visiting their son on Parents Weekend at Binghamton University – we went to the university art museum and then a walk on a nature trail. Note to self, take bug spray with me next time!!! Enjoyed your New York aster picture. I saw them for the first time this season while on that nature trail.

  2. I killed a hornet in my living room yesterday, so you might as well enjoy lunch outside when you can–they can get you anywhere. Or die trying.

    No good deed goes unpunished. Today, I had to clean the carcass and climb atop a ladder to clean the windows. 😉 And then realized that the hornet spray I killed it with is never supposed to be used indoors. Between the C-130s spraying Naled over us and me spraying neurotoxins on my windowsill and couch, I'm gonna die sooner than later.

    I'm going to enjoy the time I have left. I think I'll have a picnic lunch tomorrow.

  3. Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

    I too did not know this about the Yellow Jacket… esp the part that unlike bees, they can sting multiple times. Those roadside bus stands are something that just has not picked up in India… oh, we have plenty of road side stalls, i grant you but none like these…

  4. These wasps sounds dangerous and terrible. We have yellow wasps here too which sting very badly though I am not sure if they sting repeatedly.
    Loved the narrative through your entire stroll!!

  5. It was really exciting your post! This Christmas I'm going to New York for the first time in my life, so it was really insightful to see "normal" pictures. I'm glad I found this blog via the blogboost challenge! 🙂

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