This is my nephew Devin. He lives in San Diego, and he is an engineer. He likes sailing boats a lot. He has this giant boat that he has been working on rehabilitating. One of these days, he is going to live on the boat. I am looking forward to seeing this boat.
Devin came home for Christmas and the new year. None of the family had seen his beard and mustache before he came for this visit.
When my dad saw Devin’s new look, he said, “What’s that?”
Devin said, “Hair.”
They then debated on whether Devin’s facial hair qualified as a “goatee” or as a “Van Dyke.”
Apparently, a “Van Dyke” ends with a point, so the beard is probably a “goatee.”
I won’t comment about the lack of point because I don’t want to make… um… pointless comments…
Never mind.
Devin’s girlfriend also came to visit, but she arrived after Christmas. Her name is Kathleen, or Kat for short. She lives in Los Angeles, and is a student in a physical therapy program. Unfortunately, I failed to take her picture so that means that she has to visit again!!! She and Devin are the same height (far taller than me!) and kind of look alike.

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