Now that winter has arrived, I’m spending much more time doing crafts and much less time outside… that is, when I’m not busy doing my Big Media Job… Last year, I made this blanket and pillow… well, actually, I started this project when I was in the federal prison camp in Danbury, Connecticut. It originally was going to be a small lap blanket and then it grew and grew to become the blanket and pillow set that it is today. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is the basis for the design. I ran out of pink yarn and could obtain no more from the prison commissary (none more was to be had). So, I started making white flowers with this gray background… and liked it… so I turned it into an inner border. When I got turned loose, I discovered that I had more pink… so that was the start of the outer border!
The blanket turned out to be too large to be entered into the contest at America’s Fair, formerly known as the Erie County Fair. I did enter a smaller blanket into the small blanket category and won an honorable mention. Since that time, I gave the blanket to some friends, who had recently had a baby.

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