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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their opinions and stories and ideas on my blog posts. You, and everyone who reads this blog, are very much appreciated. Today, I’m going to share and answer some of the comments. 
The “bed and breakfast” post drew these comments:

From Jane: I’m coming to your bed & breakfast. The smoothie with an omelet sounds great!

Absolutely, Jane. You are always welcome!

From Alana: Having stayed at B&B’s several times (a special treat, and probably one we won’t enjoy for a while) I can say there are some very creative cooks out there. Your guests (and I) would enjoy that farm fresh omelet. Could tell by the yolk that it was a quality egg as I used to own chickens.

Yes, there are definitely some creative cooks. I’ve had French toast baked in the oven, egg bake, egg casserole, pancakes with delicious flavorings, crepes, etc. Ooops. I am making myself hungry! There is nothing better than a really good egg. I am so fortunate to be able to buy the eggs right from the farm. Supermarket eggs can be old, and they tend to have thin, brittle shells.

Martha said: Okay, what time is breakfast, I’m on my ,way! If I had a B&B, my breakfast would be similar. I love making omelets, I mix eggs, chopped onions, ham or bacon and a shredded cheese all together. Just before it’s finished cooking, I add a boat load of cheese to the top and let it melt. Since you served a smoothie, I’ll serve a nice cup of hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream!

Sounds good! I could go for some hot chocolate, although I think that I would like mushrooms in the omelet, instead of the bacon or ham! Lately, I’ve become very fond of shittake mushrooms. So delicious!

“LIfe of a a Busy Mommy” shared her favorite breakfast: MMM yours sounds great! Mine would be french toast, bacon & eggs over medium cooked in the bacon grease! With a big ole glass of OJ!!! That is my favorite breakfast! A good ole southern country breakfast!
There is something about cooking in bacon grease that really adds to the flavor of the eggs. And freshly squeezed orange juice! Yum!

Vishal suggested: Yum! Makes life easy. Toast butter or cake in the morning with coffee works for me.

Yes, a nice Continental breakfast. My next goal is to learn to bake bread. I’m thinking that will be a winter project. Bread baking in the oven makes the house smell good! And fresh-baked bread with butter melting over it? Yummy!

The post on “your travel bucket list” drew these responses:

“LIfe of a Busy Mommy” said: One of mine is Hawaii, it looks so beautiful, that is the #1 place on my travel bucket list. thanks for sharing yours!

Yes, Hawaii sounds good. Mountains to climb, beaches to visit, seashells to collect, tropical fruits to pick. Not to mention all of the fabulous photo ops!

“Gigi Eats Celebrities” said: Greece and Italy were on my bucket list for a VERY long time and I thankfully was able to just cross them off – YAY!

Number one on my travel list is Africa though. Definitely AFRICA. I ALWAYS have said that if I ever get married, I will go on my honeymoon in Africa. Well… I am getting married in two weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰ So um. Ha! My fiance knows this … I think he MIGHT have something up his sleeve, but who knows! 

At the end of the year I am going to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam – stopping in HK (been and it’s amazing). So I am pretty stoked about that too!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hmm, all places that I’d like to visit. So much to see and so much to do and so many different cultures to experience. My budget doesn’t permit that level of travel but, if it did, I’d be off and running! (I think that I would need a camera upgrade, too, lol!!)

The “what would you say to your teenaged self” drew these responses:

Martha said: Wouldn’t it be great if we now then what we know now? Excellent letter!

Oh my gosh! Yes, it would be fabulous… or it would be frightening! I would have probably followed a different path, but who knows? Would it have made me happier? I really don’t know. But I do wish that I had known how to respond to bullies. I never thought about simply agreeing with them and talking to them in a very blah tone of voice.

Jane said: Oh to have the wisdom we have now when we were teens! Now, would I have listened to and taken heed of the recommendations of an older me? Not sure. But they would have at least been food for thought and stored away for when we needed them. I love the letter!

This is only too true. Who knows how our teenaged selves would have responded?

Vishal said: Enjoyed reading this letter filled with wisdom and something teens should read.

Thank you so much!! I am fortunate enough to know teenagers, who have much wisdom of their own. I would love to have a letter from them, as well.

Rajashree said: It’s always everyone’s wild wish to go back in time and erase some of our mistakes. But i call this very feeling as ‘regret’. Whatever was our decisions back then was due to the situation and our mindsets. And it was something what we felt right at that moment of time.

This is so true. The hope that time can be made circular and that we can have a do-over. There are times when I wish for a do-over of some mistake that I’ve made. But, then again, I wonder if, perhaps, the mistakes led me to the place that I needed to be. I don’t really know. This comment is so full of wisdom because there really is no point in living with regret. The past is over but the future can be invented and can be better, based on the actions of people in the present.

Well, that’s it for today! Thank you to everyone who has commented and has shared ideas about life, food, and adventures. I’m going to try to make these conversations a regular feature in this blog so stay tuned and keep sharing your ideas!

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  1. I don't spend enough time with the people who take their valuable time reading and commenting on my blog. (hanging head in shame). This sharing is such a great idea – to have a blog post devoted to the people who share their thoughts with me.

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