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Dear Readers,
I have really enjoyed sharing the story of an artist (weaver and retired art teacher Lee Tetkowski). I am grateful for the comments that you have made about this remarkable lady. I also thank Lee for opening her home and her life to me, for sharing stories over cups of tea, and for her kind support of me as an artist. This story would not be without your giving it so much life.
Thank you for this interesting story of this remarkable woman. I enjoy reading
it so much!

You’re welcome. The story happened because I am taking an online photography class, being taught by photographer Annie Liebowitz. The first assignment was to photograph an older person. I asked Lee if it was OK if I came to her house and photographed her. We ended up by spending about three hours together as she shared her journey with me and posed for photographs.
Martha DeMeo: How
interesting to read about Lee! I love her ring from the tie tack!

I do, too. I am glad that she was able to keep that connection to a father who had passed away when she was so young.
bellybytes : What
a wonderful life Lee has led – enriching and fulfilling .

Yes, she has, and she continues her artistic journey.
 Jeanine Byers: Very moving, to read her story!
I loved learning about her, seeing her art and the other pictures.

Thank you, Jeanine. I was hoping that her story would bring a light into the darkness that we call winter. Your series about the winter blues also helped me to understand why winter is so difficult and why it really is necessary to find people who act as lights in that dark, sad time.
Jackie Martins: I
have the pleasure of know Lee and being a part of the Siena alumnae program
-having gone in 1969. She is a remarkable woman with so much talent and
strength. This was a lovely story.

Thank you, Jackie. I am happy that you enjoyed your Italy adventure.
by Dr. Amrita Basu Misra: I loved this creative journey ,painter weaver and
everything beautiful. .Lee’s journey is inspiring and I loved how you presented
her .It was like she is in the room with me.

I am glad that you felt that way. That was my hope, that I could share Lee’s story in such a way that readers would feel that they were right there with us.
Doug Jarvie: Hi
Alice, thanks for another great article on people doing extraordinary things.
Immagine living a long life doing the things you enjoy the most. You can retire
from a job but it is hard to give up what you love to do. Blog on!

Hi Doug! Yes, retiring from a job is something that people can do without a problem, but it’s almost impossible to retire from your passion.
Thrilled to see that she is still actively producing art. Thanks for the introduction.

It was my pleasure to introduce Lee and to share the message that you’re never too old to follow your passions.
Jean: I really
enjoyed your artist’s profile of Lee. As a Siena program alumna, I really liked
learning more about this talented lady.

Thank you, Jean. It was my pleasure to share Lee’s story with you.
Lynne Vallone: Beautiful
Lady! Beautiful art. I am only met Lee ten years ago. What an inspiration she

Lee is an inspiration to me, too: a good artist and a good friend.
Rachel Kestner: I
love the ceramics with her family’s handprints. WonderfuL. I also weave as a
That ceramic is so creative! I admit that I’ve never tried weaving but I would think that it would be a great way to spend the winter, creating beautiful fabrics that tell stories.

Bill: Very
nicely done. As a friend of the family, I’ve heard some spin yarns with some of
these threads before. But now the story is woven together for me so nicely!

I’m glad that Lee and I were able to weave the threads together for you.
Paint your way to a winter garden, part one: On January 25th, I went to a painting class at Stella Niagara. The challenge was to paint a flower and add a black background. The background proved to be very difficult paint. The painting gives the appearance of being black when painted.  But watercolor tends to get lighter when it dries, so, after drying the black background had become a dull gray. It took a few coats of paint for it to appear black after drying.

Shirley Corder: Stunning!
I belong to a family of artists, but I can’t paint to save my life. I look
forward to your next phase. Answers to Questions I wouldn’t have Thought to

You never know what gifts you have, that are hidden beneath the surface! A number of years ago, I believed that I was unable to draw and paint. I took a painting class to fill an arts requirement, and I said to myself, “Self, you have no talent. Your pictures are going to be terrible! Since you have no talent, don’t worry about the result, which will be awful. Just focus on the process of drawing and painting and have fun while you’re creating the disaster.” Sure enough, I actually followed my own advice. I had fun. Since I had no expectation of creating a “masterpiece” and every expectation of creating a “mess-terpiece,” I was very relaxed and happy. I was so surprised when the drawings came out far better than I could have ever anticipated.
I love the idea of bright colors against a stark background.

The black background does make the colors pop out. Next time, however, I will paint on mixed media paper, instead of watercolor paper. With mixed media paper, I would be able to use acrylic paint for the background. Since acrylic paint is more opaque than watercolor, the frustration of having to add coat after coat of paint should be removed.
SciFiFan: I
copied your drawing of a sunflower and will attempt to use watercolors on it.
Idea: have you have painted the background first? Do you think the painting
would work out if I tried to paint the background first?

You could try if you want. One of the people in the class asked Virginia about doing exactly that. She advised against it. She said that, if you need to redraw your flower, it is easier to do that if you do not already have the background painted in.
Lady In Read: beautiful..
love that color you used on your flower.. soon, soon, my inner voice says to me
– soon, you better start trying to draw and paint 🙂

I hear that inner voice, too. It’s calling out to you. 
Jeanine Byers: That
sunflower is beautiful!! I always love your art. 🙂

Thank you so much, Jeanine!
Alana: I love
photographing certain flowers (such as pink orchids) with a black background (I
use, believe it or not, a shut off TV set). I never realized it would be that
difficult with paint, because I have not painted in perhaps 50 years. And that
was black velvet paint by number (dating myself). Loved your winter flower!

Thank you, Alana. I love the idea of photographing flowers with a black background. I’m going to try that!
 Paint your way to a winter garden, part two: On February 1st, I went to Stella Niagara to paint more flowers. This time, we painted primroses. Here is the discussion about painting flowers and about primroses.

Jeanine Byers: I like that brown color as background! It sets it off well. If I’m saying that right, LOL. Nice to see the picture again!

Thank you very much, Jeanine. I really appreciate your regular visits to my blog, and I am so happy that you like the background for this painting.
Lady In Read: that is beautiful..loved both the flower paintings you have done and waiting for more from that garden

That garden will grow. Stay tuned!

Sulekkha: Alice, I love the colors in your
paintings and the three dimensional effect of leaves look great.I have learnt
acrylic painting and my house is filled with canvases of various shapes and
sizes 🙂 I have painted in the corridor outside my flat and the wall is a riot
of colors. My neighbor loves it and the visitors to our flats compliment me on
the artwork :)I know they are being kind because I am just an amateur 🙂

Thank you very much, Sulekkha. I appreciate the kind words about my painting. What a gift you have given your neighbor! The gift of color! 
Suzy: Your
paintings are beautiful. I find flowers really hard to paint. I guess I should
practice more.

Yes. Have fun and paint!,
another lesson in paints and painting.
So much for the
value of paint night- they teach none of that!

Well, paint night is mostly about having fun, being with friends… and drinking wine! I went to one paint night, at Relay for Life. It was great fun painting with friends in a tent… until a thunderstorm struck and we had to leave abruptly, carrying our paintings with us. The theme of the paintings was “hope.” We just never anticipated that it would be hope in a storm!

Check back for the occasional comments and conversations! And, once again, thank you for taking the time to offer your comments, your questions, and your opinions. They are much appreciated.

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  1. I love the kindness of your responses to us!! And especially, your thoughtful one about winter blues. It was like you were talking about my people! <3

    I love to see people being kind to my son, and this was similar. It was like you were being kind to the people I write for, including myself.

  2. I saw a commercial for the class you are looks like a once in a lifetime experience, I hope you continue to enjoy I would like to take Jane Goodall's Masterclass myself.

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