City garden #wordlesswednesdays

 When you have nowhere to put a garden, you make adjustments. In the case of the Sun Restaurant, 1989 Niagara Street, Buffalo, the issue of lack of garden space was addressed by the use of raised garden boxes. 

In the next few weeks, you can look for a review of the Sun Restaurant and its famed black rice bar!

What sort of gardens have you seen recently in unexpected places?

9 thoughts on “City garden #wordlesswednesdays”

  1. Lovely tulips. Have never seen the orange double or the two tone pink ones before. hanks for sharing.

  2. What a pretty tulip bed! There are some nice rooftop gardens in New York City. My sister in law, who lives in the City, was invited t a party several years ago and got to see one of them. Special!

  3. Jeanine Byers

    Oh, how nice! They're beautiful. I don't get out much, so am not seeing any gardens at the moment. And they'd make me terribly allergic if I did.

  4. Flo Callender

    What beautiful tulips, Alice. They remind me of the ones I planted in front of my home some years ago. Each year, fewer of them bloomed as the squirrels kept digging up the bulbs.

  5. My in-laws have a tower garden. They just started it and I think it could be really cool. Great pictures!

  6. Kebba Buckley Button

    Alice, lovely! In Denver, I've seen a number of flower boxes with tulips and such, outside restaurants. It makes the downtown softer and yet more chic at the same time. Love your photographs! And I must try this #WordlessWednesday thing 🙂

  7. Nowhere's unexpected anymore! I did see a row boat yesterday planted with tomatoes. I've seen canoes, but not bigger boats, used as planter boxes.

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