Christmas memories 2

During my walk, I saw a good number of Christmas trees that had been set at the curb.
Wow, for sure, Christmas is over. It’s just a memory now. But a good one. I went to church, and I was able to sing. That meant a lot to me because, just two weeks earlier, I couldn’t even talk. My doctor said that I would be able to sing by Christmas, and she was right.
I didn’t believe her at first. I wasn’t sure that I would live to see Christmas, much less sing.
I am grateful to have survived the pneumonia.
But, when my head was fogged up by fever, I was able to think about what kind of country I live in…
not a very compassionate one… We now have 50 million people without any health insurance at all. We have many more with inadequate health insurance. I have some coverage, which is good, but it’s not enough.
I wondered… would I be sent to a hospital? How would I pay the deductible? I’m a free-lancer. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.
Apparently, the U.S. government has plenty of money for war, but no money to make sure that all Americans have adequate health coverage for both routine care, serious illness, and long-term care.
Lots of money for killing…
Not much left for healing…
So… it’s really up to people to try to maintain their health as best as possible. Of course, it’s hard to avoid all of the viruses and bacteria and germs that float around and get passed from person to person. There is also little that one can do about genetic conditions. But… it is possible to make healthy lifestyle choices… exercising, eating a healthy diet, not smoking… These could make a difference.
So… recently, we had a January thaw, and I managed to take walks on both days that the temperature was over 55 degrees F (12.75 C). Actually, it got quite warm, nearly 65F (18.33 C), and, for a short time, the sun even came out. That was one heck of a bonus in Western New York.
So… back to the Christmas trees… tossed out… in the past tense…
But this one was the funniest… with the toilet next to it.
Oh, I had to take a picture. I couldn’t resist.
Out with the old???

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