This is how Smokey likes to relax, on his back, paws over his eyes, and on a seat that a human would like to occupy.
Smokey is some cat. He stares at you until you uncross your legs, move your crocheting or your book, and give him a clear lap so that he can jump up. Then he does the annoying cat thing (shows off his butt). Cats are beautiful creatures but a butt is a butt.
Smokey love human attention, except when he’s lying upside down, with his paws over his eyes.
He’s also had some unique adventures of his own. One day, a mouse got into the house. I was sitting in the living room, reading a book, when I heard a funny noise. I turned around to see Smokey chasing a little mouse, who was squeaking mightily. I joined Smokey in the chase because what I really wanted to do was to catch the mouse and put it outside. Neither Smokey nor I had any success in catching the little mouse. So… I went to bed and my parents went to bed… with the mouse still loose in the house.
In the morning, I got up and went downstairs to empty the dishwasher and set the table and do all of the usual morning activities. I saw Smokey staring at something under a counter… and then realized that it was the mouse. Smokey was meowing at it. He wanted to play but the mouse preferred to stay in a little spot where the great big cat couldn’t step on it. I got a pair of gardening gloves, leaned over, and picked up the mouse. Then I put the mouse into a paper bag and took it outside. I talked to the mouse the entire way. I am sure that the poor little thing was scared. When the mouse and I got outside, I released it under a tree. It scurried off.
It was a cute little thing. If we didn’t have cats, I would have liked to have had it as a pet.

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