Catholic Workers

When I was in Washington, D.C., I stayed at the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker house. The folks who live in this house do a lot of stuff together, such as hold weekly vigils at the Pentagon and at the White House. Their regular presence at these places, regardless of weather conditions, is a reminder to anyone who sees them that the government must change its policies, from war and power to human rights and life.
The Catholic Workers also live out their commitment to human rights and to life by providing assistance to the community. Every Wednesday, they give away donated clothing and food that they collect from a variety of locations. Some of the food is rescued from an imminent trip to the garbage, where it had been designated by businesses because it is not quite perfect. As an example, the tomatoes might have small spots. The food is still perfectly good to eat and nutritious. Other food that is collected comes from caterers, who made too much for their parties. They have to either throw out or give away the food. I think that give away is a much better option. Since I got to eat some of this food at lunchtime, when we were finished with the giveaway, I can say that the food is very delicious! I enjoyed eating salmon and a salad!
The pictures above feature Kathy Boylan and Art Laffin with a group of visitors to the house; writer Colman McCarthy; and Eda and Daniel.
All visitors to the house enjoyed bringing home fresh vegetables and other foods!

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