Cars… cars… cars…

cars come in a variety of sizes and shapes
this is a car…
this is a car that can go really fast!

Now that I’ve shown you a variety of cars, I have a Car Story to share. One day, I was out for a walk. It was a warm day, and I was taking the Scenic Route by the Niagara River. That meant that it was a Slow Walk because I tend to stop frequently to take photographs. Sometimes, friends seem to think that I am taking a long time because I’m tired of walking so they offer me rides. Well, on this particular day, I was enjoying both the walk and the photography. The river was a beautiful shade of blue, reflecting the blueness of the sky.

I was thinking of how grateful I was to have friends who like to drive me places. But this time, my goal was to walk. So I mentally rehearsed the words that I was going to say to any friend who offered me a ride home.

“Thank you so much for the offer! I am truly enjoying the walk, however! Maybe another time!”

Then I saw a car approach and slow down. It looked like one of these cars. It was a convertible, and the top was down.

Corvettes on parade!

COOL CAR!!! I thought.

Oh, wait. I’m taking a walk. Uh, thank you for offering me a ride in your…

The car stopped next to me!!!

I started rehearsing my lines in my head. Thank you for offering me a ride in your super duper cool… wait… those aren’t the correct words. Thank you for offering me a ride in your…

“Alice?” my friend Rhonda said. “Would you like a ride?”

I had forgotten the lines that I had rehearsed in my head and was, instead, doing a happy dance. “Yes, please,” I said and hopped eagerly into the Corvette.

I have to admit that was a fun ride. Plus I knew that I could always take a walk on another day.

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