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Today, I used my Derwent Intense paints to create this picture of a flower. I’ve been painting versions of this flower for several months with a variety of mediums. They look alike and they look very different. I’m learning, from the process of painting this flower, over and over again, that, even with colors that are not realistic, the flower still looks like the flower.

And so, today, I’m running a caption this photo contest. I hope that you will have loads of fun and will create silly, funny, serious, emotional, imaginative captions. There is no such thing as right or wrong in a creative writing activity. It’s not like 5+4=9. You know that is true, even if you say 4+5, instead of 5+4. It’s always 9. But the captions. You can say anything that you like, and it will still be right. I will ask you, however, to make sure that your captions are appropriate for any small children who might be looking at this blog.

And, without further ado, here is the picture.

caption me, please.

I am looking forward to seeing your captions!! And, the more the better. I’m going to have a surprise for you when I share the results!!!

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