Caption contest winners

Last Sunday, I announced a photo caption contest by saying:

“It’s time for some audience participation sort of fun in this blog. I have posted two pictures below. Your task is to make up captions for the pictures. They can be serious, silly, poetic, or anything that you like. Use your imagination, and have fun. Just make sure to enter because my captions (picture number one and picture number two) are kind of lame. Next week, I will share the results of the contest.”

I read over the entries and loved them all. But I had to choose one winner for each picture. The winning photo captions are beneath the photographs.

I will share all entries in an upcoming comments and conversations post.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. I hope that you had a good time and I may do this again some time.

The fish was this big but it got away! (Ellen E.)

And darkness fell from the light (Rose)

Have a great week! Tomorrow, I will post something about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and, on Tuesday, I will share a teacher story! Please come back and visit again!

2 thoughts on “Caption contest winners”

  1. That first one, especially, was a good one. More than that – it was perfect. I just don't have a good imagination for captioning!

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