Bees and flowers #wordlessWednesdays #blogboost

 These photographs were taken both in Casowasco camp/ retreat center on Owasco Lake in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York and on Grand Island. The first features a bumblebee sleeping on a teasel, and the second features a honeybee busily pollinating a flower.

7 thoughts on “Bees and flowers #wordlessWednesdays #blogboost”

  1. I was thinking about doing a Wordless Wednesday but I did not have many pictures for today and I had too much to say. Yesterday I had a lot of pictures but it was only Tuesday so I had to do some research to find more to say.
    Are we having fun yet? Yes or No?
    Either way, Blog on!

  2. Great pictures!! I am more interested in the flowers than the bees, I have to admit. But the clarity of your pics is impressive.

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