Beautiful Buckhorn

Buckhorn Island State Park is a restored wetland/wildlife sanctuary located in the northern part of Grand Island, New York. There are parking lots at the edges of the park. Within the park, there are hiking trails and a bike path. 

Yesterday, I took a long walk through Buckhorn Island State Park. Here are some of the pictures that I took during my excursion.

There’s nothing as busy as a bee. The bee has rounds to make and it can’t stop, just because it is Saturday. This one is busy on the flower of a thistle.

Another view of the bee on the thistle.

Here is the entrance to the walking trail at Buckhorn Island State Park. People walk here, with or without dogs. Some people ride bicycles although the pathway can be a bit bumpy. There is also a bike path available, near the expressway (I-190).

This is teasel. Its scientific name is dipsacus. It is found along roadsides and in parks and can be considered invasive. When I went to the park yesterday, I saw that the teasel was blooming.

Here is one of many views of the Niagara River along the path.

Nobody was out fishing but this bridge is where fisherfolk can often be found. Common fish that have been found in the Niagara River include perch, small and large mouth bass, walleye, muskellunge, and northern pike.

This marsh is a nesting ground for a variety of birds, including least bittern, northern harrier, and sedge wren. Migratory species, too, visit this marsh. They include ducks, herons, coots, rails, gulls, and more.

Here is another view of the marsh. I took this picture and the above picture from the shore.

I took this picture of the marsh from the bridge.

Many native plant species grow wild in Buckhorn Island State Park. The plant pictured above is wild bergamont.  It can be found in various shades of pink and lavender. It attracts birds, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

This is the bridge between Grand Island and Niagara Falls.

Another view of the bridges.

I found this tree that had been cut by humans. I’m not sure why that happened.

I walked under the bridges and away, down a narrow peninsula that stops in the middle of the river.

Another view of the bridge.

I reached the end of the peninsula and watched the boats, as they traversed the area.

I am still on land, yet I am in the middle of the mighty Niagara River.

A wild shoreline.

Bridge reconstruction time.

Conferring over how to proceed with the project at hand.

Here is a view of the worksite.

I found this gem amidst the cattails. I believe that it is a wild geranium. It attracts birds and adds color to the large field of cattails.

Stone bridges over the marsh.

There are various types of wetlands in Buckhorn Island State Park. The two main types are marshes and swamps.

Small boardwalk over the wetlands.

This is what you see when you are standing on the boardwalk.

As I head out of the park, I see this bee, busy on a leaf. I believe that it is a bumblebee (bee genus bombus, family apidae). Bumblebees are described as large, hairy bees that move about slowly and a bit clumsily. They are well-liked because they are cute. They are good pollinators, as well as being adorable.

This is Woods Creek, one of a number of creeks in Grand Island.
Kayak and canoe launching point in Woods Creek.

This is another place where people can go fishing. Below are a few flowers that I saw on my way home.

Tomorrow, I will walk to Beaver Island State Park, and will post later about that adventure. I hope that you enjoyed coming along with me on my trip to Buckhorn Island State Park, an important bird area and a restored wetland.

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