Bears at the polls!

We showed a picture of us posed with the wine bottle but were still told that we were too young to vote!

by Maya Bear
It was primary day on September 9th, and our human, Alyce… or is that Alice (as in wonderland), was headed off to the Fire Truck House to perform her Big Government Job. Election inspector. Orange Bear (who needs a name) and I were planning on voting so we snuck in a bag and went with Alice… Alyce… to the Fire Truck House. We left for our Adventure at 5:15 a.m. Who runs around the streets at 5:15 a.m.? Apparently, we do.
The road was a broken-up mess. Our human had to shine her weak and close-to-deceased flashlight on that nightmare of a road. For sure, it was a tripping hazard. The walk wasn’t even a quarter mile but it seemed endless, probably because the human was traveling at a slow rate of speed, as she attempted (successfully!) to avoid those tripping hazards.
We arrived at the fire truck house but we don’t know what happened until later in the day because we took a nap in a dark bag. It was too early for us so we decided to practice hibernating. Eventually, we woke up. There were three other humans besides our human. We were happy that one of the other three election inspectors was a bee keeper. What self-respecting bear doesn’t love honey? We planted the idea into our human’s head that she should go to Fred the beekeeper’s house a few days later and buy some honey from him. His house is well within walking distance for our Walking Tourist (Alyce alice). Plus, he and his neighbor had planned a garage sale for Friday, the 12th of September. Last year, Friday was the 13th, and it really was bad luck for the human. She was sick and in the hospital. She was off her food. She is almost never off her food. None of that yummy honey for her.
But I digress.
Primary day was OK, but a but slow. The voters didn’t exactly beat the doors down. But we still got entertained by humans because they say the darndest things.
Alice (to voter): What’s your political party?
Voter: Why should I tell you that?
Alice: This is a primary election and you can vote only for the political party that you’re registered with. 
Voter: Oh. OK, Democrat.
Several voters wanted to know what prizes they would get from the machine. We decided that the best prize was the machine not breaking down and screeching a high-pitched, shrill scream that results in the humans becoming crabby and holding their ears. Some of the voters wanted to know if their ballots would get shredded by the machine. A voting shredder. Want some shredded ballot for breakfast?
We did find out that there were four political parties holding primaries: Demobear, Rebearlican, Indebearance, and Working Bears… um, we mean Democrat, Republican, Independence, and Working Families.
We decided that the day wasn’t complete without photos, so here are some pictures of us at the Fire Truck House (aka polling place). And, by the time that we went back home, it was almost ten o’clock at night so we started off as sleepy heads and we finished as sleepy heads.

We tried to vote but we’re too young.

… so we decided to explore the fire truck instead.

wow, how cool is this???

no, it doesn’t shred and it doesn’t dispense coupons; it just collects ballots… (boring machine…)

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