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Not my self portrait

After years of volunteer work for newsletters and an alternative newspaper and freelance work, I am now a Real Journalist. So far, my career is pretty new, and, at times, I have the urge to pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I had fallen down repeatedly in my quest to be a Real Journalist. I have reinvented myself a few times and, in the process, had some great adventures. Somehow, I found my way back to what I had intended to do all along.

Maybe this is me??

And then, I realized that I had never stopped doing journalism. I had been documenting my life and my world. I feel that the experiences that I’ve had have made me a better human and a better journalist. In future blog posts, I will go into more detail about the metamorphosis that I’ve experienced over the years when I was sure that my journalism career was dead.

Today’s post, however, is more focused on the fun side of journalism. In the past few weeks, I have reported on just about every aspect of Halloween and autumn that I possibly could find, especially trunk or treat events and fall festivals and farmers market decoration.
I probably ate more candy than I should have. So, here are the images of the fun that I’ve had as a journalist. I have tried hard to be objective in my reporting of the events. I also failed at objectivity when my glee at reporting on my favorite holiday took over. 

I hope that you enjoy these images of a very fun season.

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