Autumnal images & haiku

The harvest came in
with orange and golden hues
October bounty.

Screaming winds cause fear
to sit deep within my heart
October nightmare.

Juicy red apples
cooking in a large kettle
time for applesauce.

A world of beauty
starting to lose its color
autumn’s last hurrah.

The queen bee searches
for a hibernation home
the bee needs to sleep.

Walking soundlessly
footsteps masked by fallen leaves
An autumn delight.

Pumpkins on the porch
winter squash ready to be cooked
October bounty.

6 thoughts on “Autumnal images & haiku”

  1. Oh, that's beautiful! Last hurrah (so sad) & the comfort of hibernation. Those are the two ideas that stuck with me. But the haikus were beautiful companions for the pictures!

  2. Alice, what stunning photos! And I love your haiku/s. I create quote posters. Would you ever give me permission to use one or two of your photos, with credit given? Thanks for a deliciously diverting post.

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