autumn flowers #wordlesswednesday

 Today was a sunny autumn day, and I had painting class in the afternoon. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to be outside on a sunny day. So I took a bus across the Grand Island bridge. I got off the bus on River Road, and got on the Riverwalk, which, at some point, turns into the Empire State Trail. And then, I walked the rest of the way to the art studio in North Tonawanda. While I was walking, I chose several types of things to photograph, which I will showcase on Wordless Wednesdays. Today, I am showcasing the flowers of late autumn. Enjoy! 

6 thoughts on “autumn flowers #wordlesswednesday”

  1. They are lovely! Did you see any chrysanthemums? They are my favorite fall flower. I used to buy the plant, but always ended up killing it, unfortunately. Hope you enjoyed your painting class!

  2. Where do you want to go today?

    Hello Alice,
    Great pictures. I like the berries and the pine cone. It has probably released all of its seeds. A couple of months ago, I watched a squirrel eating a green pine cone. He held it like it was a cob of corn and removed each "leaf" to access the seed under it. When he was finished there was a pile of the "leaves" on the ground and he was holding what looked like a miniature corn cob with all of the kernels removed.
    I often hear North Tonawanda mentioned in the media for either news or weather reports on the south side of the lake.
    How many miles did you walk today?

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