autumn colors in haiku

Pumpkins large and small
decorate porches and doors
October colors.

Green leaves become red
and then flutter from the trees
carpeting the ground.

Big muddy pumpkin
after a chilly rainfall
it is harvest time.

Deep red maple leaves
time etched in jagged edges
share silent stories.

Taste of the season
acorn and butternut squash
baked with brown sugar.

Sit on a tree stump,
by the calmness of the creek
watch the sun go down.

Red and brown reflect
like mirrors on the water
October image.

1 thought on “autumn colors in haiku”

  1. Awesome photos, nice haiku… you captured the essence of fall… except for the depression that creeps in as the days get short & cold. But that's probably a 'good' thing.

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