Ask me anything!

… and you’ll get an answer…

by guest blogger Crabby the Crab

Alice took a nap, and she left me to write this blog post. My name is Crabby the Crab and I want to know if I’ve got a target on my back. Someone said that I had a whole bunch of targets, but that doesn’t make any sense, does it? Well, anyway, I think that Alice intended to ask you to ask her any question that you want. Anything about her that you want to know about. Or you could ask me questions. I’ll try not to be too crabby when I write!

Use your imagination and come up with questions. Please try to keep the questions family friendly!!! Or cat friendly. Or crabby the crab friendly. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section below!

1 thought on “Ask me anything!”

  1. Are you going to write (and illustrate) some stories soon? Maybe with Crabby the Crab, the Bear that Lia named, and many more of the characters you have already drawn? I hope you do for I know I would be first in line to read it!!

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