An invitation

thank you so much for visiting my site and for reading the stories and
looking at the pictures that I share.

Thank you for the thoughtful and
insightful comments that you offer. They are so much appreciated.

Today, I have
a favor to ask of you. I would like for you to ask me questions. What would you
like to know?

What would you like to discuss? Is there anything that you’d like
to ask me? Go ahead. Ask Me Anything!

Tomorrow, I will select a few  questions and I will answer them for you.  So, leave a comment below and ask me a

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge  (Hyperlink this to:   

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17 thoughts on “An invitation”

  1. Seeing the gorgeous fall pictures I am wondering if you could share the names of these trees and perhaps share some more such pics.

  2. Oh, I can think of lots of questions, but I'll limit myself to a few…

    (1) When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

    (2) Did you major in journalism?

    (3) Have you ever written fiction, and if so, what did you write?

    (4) What does this blog mean to you, personally and/or professionally?



  3. I love your pictures, Especially the flowers and greens. Many of them are alien to me in India. Give some suggestions on how to plan a garden.

  4. Lovely fall colours Alice. Do share with us how your passion for photography and writing took you to a new journey.

  5. Why is the sky blue? What are leaves green?
    (I know the answers, just thought that would go along well with your photos…)

  6. OK, you asked. My question is not related to any of your fine flower pictures. What was your most enjoyable long distance walk, and why?

  7. Wow! First and foremost, amazing pictures Alice, just wow! And secondly, I loved this post of yours asking for questions 🙂 Nice! So I have to ask you, of all these wonderful pictures that you take – what is the one favorite picture of yours till date and why? Would you mind sharing it with us?

  8. Such pretty pictures, Alice! Loved them all!
    Now, for the question – which again is a lovely idea…a brilliant way to connect with your readers!
    If one fine day you were to wake up and find yourself in a desert or a place like the Arctic, without a single green spot, what would you do? What is it that you would shoot (as in, shoot with your camera)?
    I hope it is not a tricky question! It's just something I always wonder – what would I do if I were to wake up and find myself in some alien place! My imagination runs riot sometimes! 😛

  9. Maybe I’m late, but tell me where we’re these pictures clicked. Tell us something about your life in the city you live 🙂
    Such a fun thing to write about. Answers to readers’ questions:)

  10. I am late for the ask-a-question session, aren't I? I would ask anyway. Have you ever lived in a place without such beautiful fall colors? I loved those gorgeous, gorgeous clicks, Alice. 🙂

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