An illustrated guide to making pancakes

Today, I made pancakes for breakfast. I got on the internet and looked for a recipe. I like the internet for that. It is the World Wide Web and my World Wide Cookbook. 

The first thing that I did was to collect my ingredients. I needed flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, an egg, almond milk, and cooking spray. 

My next step was to combine the dry ingredients in a bowl.

In another bowl, I combined the egg, almond milk, and the melted butter. I prefer to melt butter in a small pot on the stove, although it is perfectly all right to melt butter in the microwave. After the liquid ingredients are combined, then I add the dry ingredients to the mix.

That gets stirred so that the dry ingredients are covered but it is unnecessary to make the batter smooth. It’s not a cake! So it’s OK to leave lumps in the batter. 

While I am making my pancake batter, I am heating a griddle. This recipe calls for vegetable oil spray to be applied to the griddle.

My next step is to pour batter on the griddle. I can make four pancakes at a time. According to the recipe, I was to set the timer for five minutes and, after that time expired, I was to flip the pancakes.

After five minutes, the pancakes were nowhere near ready to be flipped. My griddle is old and rather cold. So I reset the timer for seven minutes. 

The pancakes are topped with plain Greek yogurt and blueberries. While I waited for the pancakes to cook, I made a smoothie, with blueberries, plain Greek yogurt, and apple cider. Breakfast is served!

I made about ten pancakes with this recipe. They are thin and light, almost like crepes.

Let’s chat! Do you have any interesting breakfast recipes that you’d like to share? Feel free to talk food in the comments section below!

7 thoughts on “An illustrated guide to making pancakes”

  1. Pancakes are of one those things I just can't make. If I make them from a mix they are okay, but whenever I try to make my own they taste horrid.

  2. Where do you want to go today?

    Pancakes are my speciality.
    I university I would look forward to Sunday mornings for Pancake breakfast.
    I made them from a mix back then. An electric frying pan is a great thing for a university student. The secret is to have a very hot pan, 350 to 400F a drop of water should dance on the pan before it boils away. A pancake only takes a minute or two for the bubbles to stop. That is the time to flip it. Another minute and it is ready. My topping of choice has always been butter and maple syrup. After I lift the first one out, put the next one in, eat the first one, the next one is ready. Just like a production line that runs until I an full. The unused batter keeps well in the fridge for the next day.
    Before I went to university a cook told me that crepes were made by adding an extra egg and a little extra milk. I like them that way. Whenever my daughter visits she asks me to make pancakes. They must be OK.
    The scratch recipe I use now is from an old cookbook and it forgot to list the milk in the ingredients. I remember from the premix I added one egg and one cup of milk. The instructions remembered to say add the milk so if I read carefully I would be reminded to add that special ingredient. Now, I have switched to almond milk also but have used sour milk and/or coconut water. At one time I would add almond flavour extract. Usually vanilla and cinnamon are good flavour enhancers. You can add the blueberries to the mix. Frozen ones work. I like to add ripe bananas. Maybe you like chocolate chips.

  3. Your pancakes look yummy. Haven't eaten one for a long time and I made them from a ready mix. Not half as exciting as yours.

  4. SlimExpectations

    I love pancakes and I had the same for breakfast today. I do use oatmeal flour to make it somewhat healthy 🙂

  5. I was reading this post around lunch time. The final picture of pan cakes, Greek yogurt and blue berries made me crave for them so much!
    Thank you Alice for sharing the step by step guide. Its really helpful.

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