Alphabetical reflections

I hope that I’ve got you hooked here and that you’ll keep reading, even if my reflection isn’t in alphabetical order. It’s just a reflection on posting each day for 26 days in alphabetical order.

My theme was Spring Unfolding. The negative side for me was the fact that spring took its time about unfolding. In fact, my project started with spring looking as if would never show up. The snowfall at the beginning of April was winter’s way of saying, “I’m not ready to give up.”

After the snow ended, there was the rain. So much rain. At one point, I was ready to build an ark. The Blogging from A to Z Challenge had become very challenging. How could I continue to write about Spring Unfolding if Spring never arrived?!

I did so by writing about topics that were related to spring, such as composting and trees. I write about Easter and about the music of the season. My original plan was to take lots of pictures of new plants and write about them. That didn’t work because of the weather so I had to adjust. 

And now, in mid-May, spring is unfolding. It’s still cold, damp, and dreary. But the early flowers and the trees are blooming. I’ve planted pansies in my garden. They are hardy little plants that can endure cooler temperatures. Plus they are colorful, which is very delightful. On May 4th, I planted seeds at a local tree celebration. I planted sunflower seeds and tomato seeds in two separate pots. The plants have germinated. It is new life! That is what spring unfolding is all about!

So what else do I want to say about the challenge? It was an adventure in sticking to one topic, that of Spring Unfolding, especially when spring failed to unfold. What was the best moment for me during the challenge? Um. There was more than one best moment for me. The two best moments had to do with the wackiness of my X word (xoompin) and my Z word (zuche). Those were two silly words! And I have to say that having to talk about silly words helped me to grow as a writer. I also learned, from writing these blog posts, that I should probably keep writing about silly stuff. People need a good laugh that silliness can bring them. Sometimes, we are altogether too serious.

I want to close this blog post by thanking Arlee Bird and the co-host team for organizing this challenge. Thank you to Jeremy, who designed the daily badges that i was posting here.

It is so much fun to do each year.

I get a lot of good practice as a writer, plus, it has helped me develop my vocabulary. Which… when I am in a car that is xoomfining along on a pothole-ridden road, is a good thing. I can focus on the zuches and try not to get carsick. 


2 thoughts on “Alphabetical reflections”

  1. Very good use of those two strange vocabulary words! And I'm glad for you, that spring has finally sprung (and not a leak, as it did before.) Here, I'd like a little less spring. The pollen is already getting to me, and the heat is just getting started. Nice to see you!

  2. I enjoyed your A to Z challenge and remember your two "extra" challenging words! Your flowers are beautiful, have a wonderful spring!

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