Alice’s beautiful white world

For about a week, the weather was atrocious. It snowed nonstop and the temperature barely made it out of the single digits. Add to that a wind and walking becomes a hazardous activity, especially to fingers and noses and other extremities. As my fondness for my fingers, toes, and nose is well known, I had to make the sad decision to stay indoors and not go out for walks. Thus, I was stuck inside, venturing out only when I got rides to church and to the Golden Age Center to sing with the Grand Island Community Chorus for the inauguration of four elected town officials and to Heritage Manor in Niagara Falls to sing in a concert for the residents with the Rainbow Singers. Fortunately, the temperature didn’t exactly skyrocket, but it did get a bit warmer and the wind died down, so I was able to venture out yesterday with my camera in hand. I went out today, but without the camera. The walking experience was good. There was a lot of light, fluffy snow everywhere but no ice, so walking was perfectly safe.
Yesterday, I walked along the Niagara River and truly had a good time with photography. Some of the pictures are posted below. The photograph above is of a lady named Ruth. She has a big old house near the river. She was a good sport about me being a shutterbug and putting her in these poses with her Christmas decorations. The decorations will come down very soon. They are cheerful and colorful in a season that lacks much color and light. Ruth too is a delight.
I hope that you enjoy my white world… cold… but so pretty!

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