A weekend in the life of me

“The human has discovered that her camera is a toy.”
A double yolk is no jolk…. I mean joke!!!!

Weekend life is definitely different than the weekday life that I described in Friday’s blog post. Well, it’s not always different. Sometimes, there are events for me to photograph for the newspaper. In a few weeks, there will be the Valentines Day farmers market, with fun, colorful baked goods and candies to photograph. Such a hard part of my job! Well, it does require the difficult task of Taste Testing! And yes, that’s why I went to journalism school. To taste chocolate and then photograph it… um, wait, that’s backwards. First photograph the chocolate and then taste test it. But I digress… a lot.

My weekend activities involved visiting the farm, where I bought delicious honey and some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup. I love adding the honey to my tea. I brought back egg cartons and placed them in the bin. They get used again. There is this reuse, repurpose, recycle thing. So this qualifies as “reuse.” Speaking about eggs, it seems that the price is constantly going up. People are paying a lot of money for supermarket eggs, which could have been sitting in storage for two to six months. A few days ago, I bought a dozen jumbo eggs for $4.50. The eggs were fresh because I bought them at the farm. I see the chickens running around. For me, the price was well worth it.


On Saturday morning, I went to the gym for a circuit training class. It was good. I discovered that the weights that I had been lifting were too light and that I was too gleeful while lifting them. I had to adjust the weights so that they would be heavier and I would at last look like I was putting effort into lifting them. I was happy about that because it showed that I was making progress and getting stronger.

kettlebells in ever increasing weights. Maybe I like them because they are colorful? Ever since I was a little kid, I was very attracted to bright colors.

Saturday afternoon found me at the Niagara Dance Centre for a tap dance class. Several years ago, I decided that what I really wanted to do was to learn tap dance. Well, no, actually, it was an impulsive statement. My friend said that she intended to take tap dance classes when she lost a certain amount of weight, and I said that I wanted to learn tap dance, too! Although that sounds completely impulsive, there was some thought behind it. What I really wanted to learn was ballroom dancing, but there was a large impediment. A human sized impediment. The lack of a dance partner. I knew tht I didn’t need to search out a partner for tap dance, so that made tap dance ideal for me. And I still feel that way.

Wearing my dancing shoes
Ready to dance!
… or take my own picture…
I get to dance with this fun group of people, which includes our fearless leader… teacher, Miss Cathy… on the left. Also in the picture are: Diane (next to Miss Cathy), me, and Amy in front. In back, David. Not in the picture: Melanie, who wasn’t able to attend class yesterday.
Miss Cathy at the doors of the dance school, getting ready to bring us more tap dance magic… um… new steps!
Alice’s dance studio selfie
Another view of the selfie!

A rainy Sunday with alice

church at St. Martin in the Fields with Father Nick and the choir and everyone else.
I took this picture from the choir loft.

Outside, the rain fell, and the snow and ice started to melt. Inside, all was peaceful for those who were able to brave the elements. We had a small choir today: one bass, two tenors, two altos, and two sopranos. But we sang joyfully. St. Augustine said, “When you sing, you pray twice.”

So… during the course of the weekend, I got to engage in my two favorite things… singing and dancing!

life is good

And, later on, there was a cup of tea… because tea is happiness…

A new week is coming, with its own stories and its own adventures. Because each week is its own story and the story goes on and on.

3 thoughts on “A weekend in the life of me”

  1. And last of all, the tea had some of that great honey.
    I like the sign on the door of the dance studio, “Dance is Art”.
    For me to get supermarket eggs for less than five dollars a dozen they have to be on sale.
    Did you know that eggs in England are not kept in a refrigerator? They say they do not need to be refrigerated because they are different than the ones on this side of the pond.

    1. I’ve heard that about the eggs in England. Apparently, it’s the approach to salmonella that’s different in Europe than it is on this side of the pond. But refrigerating eggs is not harmful, there there is that.

  2. Alice what a fun look at your weekend! I could really feel the fun, as I read through your post. We all need to have some fun everyday, somedays it’s spontaneous and some days we need to create it.
    I love you are tap dancing. I once enjoyed taking belly dance classes. As for singing, I best do it in the car alone.

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