Expressing your opinion: the photo caption contest

A week ago, I posted a fun photo caption contest. I asked you to submit your captions. Well, the captions have been submitted, and it is time for you to choose your favorite. I will post the winning captions, with the name of the winners, in a few categories, on Saturday, as part of a comments and conversation post. Who will win the readers’ choice category? It’s up to you. Please submit your vote by mentioning the number of your preferred caption in the comments section below.

Here is the photograph, and the captions:
Photograph in search of a caption

1. Everyday
Occurrence After a New York Snow Storm

2.  When
Santa’s reindeer run away with the sleigh

Santa? He was just here a minute ago! Anyone see a man in a red track suit?

4. What
every pickup truck with snow chains wants to be when it grows up.

5. Canadian

6. Baby,
It’s Cold Outside!

7. Look left,
look right and then cross the road.

8. Where’s
the corn?????

9. Next
year I’ll buy the one with the heated cab .

10. Only
in Western New York: my four-wheeler is bigger than your four-wheeler.

Enjoy and make sure to vote!

6 thoughts on “Expressing your opinion: the photo caption contest”

  1. Anamika Agnihotri

    Oh my! All the captions are so creative. I will vote for number 2 – "When Santa’s reindeer run away with the sleigh".

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