A Warm Winter Day

On Sunday, I went straight to the bike path after church. It was a warm, delightful day, with a high temperature at nearly 60 degrees. The snow had melted days ago, and it was time for a delightful January thaw. Earlier in the morning, the day didn’t look quite as promising, with rain and even a little wind. But, by the time I left church, the rain had stopped.
So I walked down the bike path and met people and dogs. I met energetic dogs and tired dogs and dogs looking for a treat in the ground. I met friendly dogs and reserved dogs. It was a fun walk. It was all about the trees of winter and the dogs.
Here are some pictures:

No more drought conditions! Water doesn’t absorb well in the clay soil.  This is a common sight in Grand Island.

People enjoying a warm winter day on the linear bike path.

Lots of water. After last summer, with the terrible drought, this is a lovely sight!
Close up view of a tree trunk. The texture is fascinating.

Buckhorn Island State Park

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