A is for apple

An apple looks like something that is deceptively easy to draw. It’s kind of round and kind of oval, and it has a stem that sticks straight up. Easy peasy, right? Or maybe not. Sometimes you miss with a picture. And this one seems to be a miss. But that’s okay because growing as an artist sometimes means taking a step back before stepping forward again. It’s that way with weight loss or with music or with journalism. Progress isn’t a steady thing that heads straight toward a pinnacle. Progress comes with struggle and with errors and with joy and, occasionally, with angst. I felt all of those things today. Maybe tomorrow will be another story.

16 thoughts on “A is for apple”

    1. The journey is definitely the thing! It’s super exciting to figure out where you are at the moment. Even if you are a little bit lost, it’s the place you are, and who knows? Maybe it’s a happy detour! And go for that drawing habit. It will give you many hours of fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Lily. That particular apple did have both red and yellow. It has suffered a terrible fate, however. (I ate it, which is a common fate for food that poses for paintings!)

  1. I always like your artwork! But I understand the way you feel, because I often feel that way about my writing. There’s time when it just doesn’t seem to want to come together and say what i want it to say. 🙂

    1. I have definitely felt that about my writing, too. There are times when I’ve felt that my writing made no sense and other times when the topic that I needed to report on was so difficult and so technical that I was sure that I couldn’t do it justice!
      I think that being insecure about our creative output is just part of the process!!!

  2. I took a couple of years to improve my visual art. The product never improved that much but I learned so much about my process that it’s been helpful in every other creative endeavor. One of the important bits was to learn to tolerate the misses.

    That said, you did a way better job of expressing highlights on an apple than anything I ever managed!

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