A creative challenge for you

Try your hand at flash fiction!!!

Flash fiction can basically be described as a very short story. The maximum word limit for flash fiction is 1,500. It’s a way to enjoy writing fiction without making a huge commitment to writing something really large or grand, such as a novel.

Today, I am challenging you to write a story with a limit of 1,500 words. The subject matter of the story will be the above picture. Please feel free to interpret the photos in any way that you like. You could create the story with a partner, if you like. If you’re a teacher, why not challenge your class? You can use any style of storytelling that you like, such as murder mystery, psychological thriller, romance, horror, comedy, etc.

On Saturday, I will share my own story and will invite you to share your stories in the comment section!!!

Good luck and have fun.

4 thoughts on “A creative challenge for you”

  1. I wrote quite a bit of Broke back Mountain fan fiction back in the day! And I’d love to go find it, but can’t remember the platform, LOLOL. That fruit does actually remind me of them. 😉 And if I were to accept your challenge, I would probably dust them off and try to write another AU Jack & Ennis scene. Thinking…

  2. Hmmm, that would really be a challenge for me. I haven’t written any stories except my blogs. I do wrote poems at times but it when I see a photo the words just flow. Maybe I can do that with your fruit!

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