Where the tiny things live…

evidence of a recent rain in a flowerpot

Today, I started the process of rehabilitating a long-neglected garden at a house near Beaver Island State Park. The garden was autumnal gold. A nearby wooded area had recently received a covering of leaves in various shades of yellow, green, red, and brown.

I dug up weeds and cut down the old, spent day lilies. Because of all of the rain that has fallen recently, the ground was soft, and the weeds came up readily.

The garden was full of worms and enormous slugs. Also abandoned snail shells.

The garden area that I worked on was big and had received no attention in years.

It was time to give that garden some attention so that, next spring, when the cycle of garden life is all about rebirth, there could be new plantings and a new life for that long-abandoned garden.

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11 thoughts on “Where the tiny things live…”

  1. Beautifully done Alice! I must say, i could smell the rain and feel the soft earth as I read. Your pictures gave life to your words and I now wish I could see the garden next spring! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. The neglected garden will smile after a while, thanks to your efforts. I love talking to my plants in my terrace garden and some days they wave back.

  3. Just today I did some gardening. My plants had been a negleced lot for quite some time now and I had been fee,ing so guilty. SO, today, I just got down to cleaning it all up, trimming the plants, sowing some seeds and adding some manure to the soil. And, it felt so good! Contented!
    Lovely pictures, there, Alice!

  4. We don’t have a garden here. When we were in the UK we used to spent time in the garden, though we were terrible gardeners. ? I want to get some plants for our patio but with the little one who runs around into stuff, everything is on hold for now. ?

  5. Nice work, Alice. I can imagine how good you would feel come next spring when the garden thanks you with new blooms. ?

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