Weekends are rhubarb and tap shoes and…


Today’s blogging prompt is a question: do you work on the weekends or do you take them off? My answer is this vague… it depends. Freelance journalism is an erratic type of work. Sometimes, I’m busily taking pictures and writing articles about weekend events. Other times, there is nothing at all. This weekend, it’s take the weekend off time. That doesn’t mean that I put the camera away, however. I’m still out there, always looking for a great shot. And blogging.  Because there are always stories and images to share.

Today, I went to the farmers market at the Thompson and Son farm on Long Road. It was the first farmers market of the spring so it was a special event. It was a pretty day, bright and sunny, but not especially warm.

As I was walking there, I noticed the blooms on the crab apple tree with those super tart apples that I tried turning into applesauce last fall. The applesauce was pretty decent but I decided that the crab applesauce making experiment was a failure (hard apples, far too sour, even for me!). The blossoms, however, brought joy. At the farmers market, I bought, among other things, rhubarb and peach jam. My goal this week is to make rhubarb-apple crisp, which I am hoping will be yum, yum, yum.

In the afternoon, my sister and I went to tap dance class. We got to the dance studio early so, before class time, we checked out Wayside Nursery and its collection of plants. After that, we went back to the dance studio to have our class with Miss Cathy and a few other tap dancers.We are practicing our dance for the recital, which is scheduled for June 5th. What’s really great about tap dance is that you’re turning your body into a rhythm instrument. When everyone is on the beat and is tapping together, the sound is delightful. 

After tap dance was over, I returned home and I actually did… (dare I say the word)… work. Uh, laundry. It’s got to be done. So much… w.o.r.k!!!! Well, actually, the machines do most of the work. Which is nice. Eleven years ago, I did about half of the Walk for a Nuclear Free Future (it’s hard to believe that it’s eleven years since that walk, but, yes, that is so!). We stayed at many places and, sometimes, had access to the laundry. In the Mohawk community in Fonda, New York, we had the opportunity to learn how to do our laundry on a washboard. It was interesting to experience how people did their laundry before machines were invented. And exhausting! People in the past must have had really impressive upper body strength.

And now, at the end of the day, I am relaxing with a cup of tea as I write this blog post. So work… not work? It all blurs into that thing called experiencing life.

What do you like to do during the weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekends are rhubarb and tap shoes and…”

  1. Dr Renee Cohn Jones

    Sounds like you had a fun day! I love that you are tap dancing with your sister ?
    To answer your question: On the weekends, I take Saturdays off = no work. Pure relaxing and fun with my family. Sundays end up being hit or miss 🙂

  2. Where do you want to go today?

    Hi Alice. I am all for experiencing life with a balance of work and rest. Now is blogging really work or are we doing this for the fun?

  3. For a free-lancer or someone self-employed, to ask if they "take" the weekend off makes sense, but for most people we either have the weekend off or we work, it isn't up to us!
    I don't work anymore, but I always worked weekends, unless I asked for them off. My favorite day of the week to work was actually Sunday! Now, weekends are no different from the rest of the week, other than no mail on Sunday and most business isn't conducted (like doctor visits or car repairs).

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