The 52 week photography project: March snow

This week’s challenge in the 52 week photography project was to tell a story via the relationship of objects. About a week ago, it seemed that winter was over and that spring was coming very soon. That plan was abruptly canceled. First it got really cold and, then, it started snowing copiously. It has been incredible to watch the snow fly. I looked outside through the window at the back yard and photographed the snowy world. I went outside with my camera to capture the flavor of the snow, the ground, the buildings, and the sky.
A few days ago, we had just a tiny bit of snow and this is what it looked like. I included the building to show the two-point perspective (two vanishing points).

Once again, you can see the two-point perspective in the buildings. You can also see how the trees dwarf the houses and how gray the sky is. 

It has been snowing all day. This is the road before it was plowed. Everything was closed down pre-emptively. It probably wasn’t necessary. We did get a good amount of snow over the course of the day, and it is still snowing, but did everything need to be canceled? This is one-point perspective. Everything is pointing toward a single vanishing point.

3 thoughts on “The 52 week photography project: March snow”

  1. All I know is; spring just vanished. Poof. We're at 24.5 inches and it's still coming down. My one day personal snowfall record has fallen.

  2. It's snowing again? Hailing from India, I have never seen snow in my life. Well, yes. It's true. But I know how difficult it is for you to find it everywhere.


    Even though I have to shovel it, I love the snow. Sleet, not so much. Ice- that I'll pass.
    Love the "perspective" on the snow scenes.

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