T is for tulips and other early spring flowers

It’s spring at last.  

These determined crocuses
grow through snow early
in the growing season.
The romance of the daffodils

When I think of all of problems in this world that were created by humans, I feel sad. I am horrified by the violence and by the meanness and by the prejudice. Then I go outside and am confronted by beauty, which gives me hope. I see the baby leaves, popping from formerly bare tree branches. 

Early in the spring, the leaves feel and look like flowers. They are soft and 
translucent. It feels miraculous.

Hyacinths come in a wide variety of colors.

Spring is my favorite season because it is colorful and soft. The harshness of winter chill has departed. The air smell sweet, and the birdsongs can be heard early in the morning. 

Buttercups look like little rays
of sunshine growing from the ground.

Every day, there is something new to explore. Another flower has opened. I can see the progress of the peonies as their stems grow taller. I watch the buds on the trees grow fuller, as they swell to popping open.  

T is for tulips

Spring is an adventure and an exploration into the world of color and light.

What’s your favorite season and why? Tell me in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “T is for tulips and other early spring flowers”

  1. Spring is my favorite, because it is a time of renewal. It also means the snow and ice are gone (hurray!!!!!). Some lovely pictures!

  2. Cerebrations.biz

    Well, this year, the flowers around here are disappearing. One day it's 80, the next its 30. Or, we have a week of 80 and two days of 30 and tornado speed winds.
    I doubt we will have many adorable flowers to life out spirits this Spring.

  3. Beautiful photographs! Especially of the buttercups, so pretty! You're right, there's nothing like nature to soothe a tired soul.

  4. I live in Arizona and so we don't have the traditional 4 seasons. Somehow, we skip Spring…or there's very little of it. It's Spring in most of the country right now and as I type this comment we're experiencing a lovely spring morning. But at 7:30am we're already at 70 degrees…and the temps promise to go up as the day goes on.

    My favorite season is Fall. The heat is somewhat difficult to deal with (yes, I know what you're thinking – why the heck do you live in Arizona if you don't like the heat. The answer is simple – I hate the snow and ice even more). In AZ, the Fall and Winters are quite lovely. It can get mighty chilly out here. And if I really wanted to see the snow (which I don't), all I have to do is drive about 2 to 3 hours north up to Flagstaff.

    I have to say, however, the Spring and Summers in AZ produce beautiful landscaping. The cacti DO bloom – and they are simply amazing. Plus we have Mexican Birds of Paradise – stunning yellow and orange flowers that grow on bushes that grow to over 6ft tall. Oh ad the Bottle Brush bushes – are a beautiful red with what seems to be sparkling gold tips on the ends of the "brush-like" flowers.

    Yup, AZ is a beautiful state – in more ways than one…even in the heat.

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