Relay for Life

The annual Relay for Life event will be held here on Grand Island on June 5th. Relay for Life is a big fund raiser for the American Cancer Society… with BIG being the operative word. The event lasts all night, on the track behind the high school! Wow. This is my first time to attend Relay for Life. It just happens that, this year, people will be enrolled for the Cancer Prevention Survey – 3. It is a longitudinal survey, and the American Cancer Society is looking for people between the ages of 30 and 65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer to participate in this survey. When you are enrolled to participate in the survey, you have to provide a blood sample (a phlebotomist will be available to relieve you of some of your blood) and a waist measurement. You’ll do some paperwork there and then, later, you’ll receive a longer survey to answer at home and mail in. I believe that there will be surveys to fill in on a regular basis. The goal, according the American Cancer Society website, is to “help researchers better identify the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer.” The American Cancer Society also makes this request: “Please spread the word and visit the Cancer Prevention Study-3 website for more information about how to participate in research today for a cancer free tomorrow!”
The pictures here were taken at a fund raiser held prior to Relay for Life at the Knights of Columbus on Whitehaven Road in Grand Island. At the event, people enjoyed food and they could buy crafts, stuffed animals, and used books. Face painting was also available. People who came even got to listen to oldies, both recorded and presented by an emcee/singer, and they could dance! It was a fun way to raise money for cancer research!

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