Q is for quirky plants

What do you do while you wait for the outdoor world to be full of color? Spring is unfolding but the pace is glacial! Well… how about equipping yourself with some fun indoor plants! You can use plants as decorator objects, which would go nicely with hand painted light switch covers and handmade wreaths and wooden chickens and the other stuff that you made because… well… what are you going to do all winter when you have no gardens to tend??

OK, that would be me. I have painted ceramic light switch covers and I’ve painted wooden chickens and I’ve crocheted afghans because it’s fun and because it adds color to my life during a season when there isn’t much color.

So………. what about those plants? Why not decorate with plants? And you can. There are some crazy, quirky plants out there that would look great in your house. How about a plant that is super colorful and, oddly enough, looks like painted rocks? That would be a litthop. It’s colorful, it’s quirky, it’s fun… and best of all, it’s a succulent and doesn’t require a lot of care. It doesn’t mind hot weather. Just water it every now and then and you are all set. Here is a link to an article about the living stone plant.

How about a trachyanda? It is very much of a fashion statement sort of plant. It is curly and it looks like a cross between green noodles and a modern art sculpture? How could you resist the idea of having a Modern Art Plant decorating your home?  Here is a link to a picture of this incredible plant.

Do you love someone? How about giving that person the gift of a hoya kerii? It’s a heart-shaped succulent! It’s also known as a sweetheart plant. It doesn’t need lots of care, but it will definitely convey your love. Here is a link that will tell you more about the sweetheart plant.

For more suggestions on fun and quirky houseplants, check out these two links: Fifteen exotic indoor plants that will be fun for you and Eighteen strange and weird indoor plants that will spice up your life.

And remember! Plants are fun!!!! Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Q is for quirky plants”

  1. Dee Coxon MA MD MCMI

    I'm not one for house plants. My outdoor efforts are lovely but i've never managed the same success indoors. Probably the wrong conditions.Loving the throw….. so colourful and homely looks like its been made with love. And the painted light shades….. very quirky indeed!

  2. That afghan is amazing!! I love the idea of creating color during the winter season. And I know what you mean about the long wait for spring.

  3. I hopped across to see all the plants. The trachyandra was truly quirky and the sweetheart plan was just sweet. Your idea of creating colour indoors is so full of positivity. No point complaining about the lack of colour, right? You have a happy winter.

  4. that trachyandra is definitely a quirky plant!! I know we would love to see it in our home – it is so much fun; And I think I have seen the sweetheart plant in a few homes but never gave it that much thought … mostly saw it in passing with other succulents..
    And Alice, thank you so much for your truly wonderful comments on my blog… your comments inspire me to write better, truly!

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