This is the day to say “Impeach” in the blogs.So, I’m saying it.Impeach Bush and Cheney, too.They have violated their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.They have forgotten that there are three separate and equal branches of government (executive, legislative, and judiciary). They want imperial power. There is no excuse …

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county fair

Today, Ellen took me and her kids (Joseph, Thomas, and Amelia) to the fairgrounds, where we picked up the things that I had entered into competition at the Creative Arts Building. I had entered two pastel paintings, one small afghan (crocheted granny squares), and two crocheted doilies. I won an “honorable mention” for the afghan …

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a week in washington, day three

Mary and I returned to the Palestine Center for lunch (delicious falafels and refreshing lemonade) and a talk, titled “Hamas, its Neighbors, and the Quartet.” The speaker was Nadia Hijab, senior fellow and co-director of the Institute for Palestine Studies (Washington office). She has written several books, including Womanpower: The Arab debate on women at …

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