my black and white world

week three of the black and white project

Today, it snowed and ice formed. We have entered the Endless Winter phase. Outside, the inhospitable and monochromatic scene feels a bit exhausting, while inside, actually choosing monochromatic feels liberating. It feels liberating because drawing and painting in black and white is a choice. The object above was a sculpture that I created in a class in the public library. The instructor, Marsha Mis, encourages people to think outside the boxes by looking into the world of abstract and conceptual art. So I created a structure that looked like something and didn’t look like anything. When I asked about painting my creation, Marsha said that, traditionally, such a sculpture would be painted black and white.
Today’s charcoal drawing is based on premise that I refuse to accept that winter is endless. So my hand has become flowers of all sizes. They are monochromatic flowers, of course, but they are the hope of joyful outdoor days yet to come.
Sometimes, the goal is shape and form for the sake of shape and form.
Valentine’s Day Bear

Next week: I don’t have a clue. It will be black and white, but, as of now… a mystery!

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