more of the icy Niagara

On Saturday, I went to Niagara Falls to see it covered in ice. My friend Eric joined me. We walked along the falls and saw the ice near the water that was falling over the edge.

Then we went to Three Sisters Island, where the river and the wetlands were filled with ice.

The water was rushing and swirling. Eric, who is an engineer, was impressed with the power of the water as it raced toward the cataracts. The water was bubbling and churning amidst blocks of ice that had formed. It was amazing. We watched in wonder.

Later, I was motivated to write these haikus:

Glowing and gleaming,
ice crystals fill the river
wintertime magic

snowflakes flutter down
coating faces and bodies
late wintertime snow

Nik Wallenda walked over Niagara Falls on a tightrope!
White foaming water
rushes past solid ice chunks
Niagara Falls

2 thoughts on “more of the icy Niagara”

  1. I've only seen the Niagara Falls areatwice in my life. Neither was in the winter. The power of water is amazing (and terrifying); I've seen a flash flood in action back when I lived in Arkansas and don't care to ever again. Just as impressive to me, believe it or not, was the black squirrel. I've never seen one in the Binghamton area.

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