Looking upward #SkyWatchFriday

Today was a windy but sunny late November day. I decided to go visit Buckhorn Island State Park. Every time I visit this wildlife sanctuary and restored wetland, I see something that I hadn’t noticed in the past. Today, one of the things that I observed during my walk, both in the park and on my way there and back home, was the sky. Here is the sky and how it changed during the course of the afternoon.

Some people seem to touch the sky when they work. For them, gravity is a choice, not a law.
The sky over the Niagara River is clear and bright.

November in Buckhorn Island State Park.

Clouds appear in the sky, resembling bunches of cotton balls.
The clouds that form spread out, consuming the blueness of the sky.
The trees, most of which have lost their leaves, reach toward the clouds.

The sky turns shades of pink and blue as the sun begins to set.
The pinks and blues deepen and the sun sets…
… and the nighttime moon rises.

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