K is for keen eyesight

Lately, I’ve seen bald eagles flying around. And, through pair of binoculars, I’ve seen an eagle’s nest. It’s hard to see, though. I’d get a better view through a spotting scope. Hence, I haven’t tried taking pictures of eagles. Speaking about eagles, they have very keen eyesight. I wish I could be an eagle so I could see so much better. A wedge-tailed eagle, to be exact. That bird’s eyesight is twice as keen as a human’s.

Although I haven’t taken pictures of eagles, I did get the chance to take pictures of egrets. They are a type of heron. Their eyesight is really good. It’s definitely better than mine, although that’s not saying much. Anyway, I saw them near two creeks here on Grand Island: Woods Creek in Buckhorn Island State Park and Big Six Mile Creek. And, speaking about egrets, they are migratory birds. Grand Island and the rest of the Niagara River corridor attract many migratory birds, so many that the area has received the designation “Globally Significant Important Bird Area,” as well as a “Ramsar Wetland of International Importance.” Both designations matter because wetlands are very necessary for migratory birds. Wetlands provide birds with a place to rest as they travel, as well as options to forage for food.

While I was busily taking pictures of this egret, it was catching minnows in the Big Six Mile Creek.

Here is another view of the egret.

Here’s a whole bunch of egrets near Woods Creek in Buckhorn Island State Park, which is a restored wetland. This park, which has hiking trails but no other amenities for humans, is a great place to find migratory birds. I usually see egrets here in the spring.

Here is another view of a group of egrets, along the banks of Woods Creek. It’s nice to watch them from the shore, as well as from a kayak. If you get too close to take a picture, they tend to fly away, but, if they aren’t aware of your presence, you can enjoy photographing them. It was really impressive to see such a large group of egrets. For sure, they are beautiful birds to see, as well as to photograph.

What are some of your favorite birds?

3 thoughts on “K is for keen eyesight”

  1. I guess my favorite birds are geese, but it’s because of their spiritual meaning. If you see a goose, it could indicate that you are meant to be a writer, or it might mean that your childhood is being healed. I would love to have keener eyesight, too. Or better glasses!

  2. Love your birds pictures! I am always impressed by their eyesight. They spot their prey from high above, and they’re also skilled and fast enough to actually catch them!

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