H is for heat

April is National Poetry Month. So, for this blog post, I am writing a four-stanza quatrain based on the word that the Random Word Generator has chosen for me. Today’s letter is H, and the word is “heat.” Each stanza has four lines, and the format is an envelope stanza, with an ABBA rhyme pattern.

What nourishes us more than heat?
It keeps us warm, body and mind,
gives us choices when we have dined:
soft warm breads and delicate meat.

What gives us more joy than sweet heat?
On a summer's eve, is love blind?
Open to love, what do we find?
Our connections are the treat.

What frustrates us like too much heat?
When we tire and fall behind
when our work feels like a stressful grind
and we wish to hide, to retreat.

What helps us to relax more than heat?
in the calm time after we dined
in our softly sleepy time mind
sleep is the guest we want to greet.

6 thoughts on “H is for heat”

  1. Capturing the essence of life’s warmth, from the comforting embrace of food to the tender moments of love and the tranquility of rest. A beautifully woven reflection on the different facets of heat in our journey.

  2. Heat is something we are very used to, here in Australia, but there is nothing better than heat on a cold winter’s night. Thank you for sharing your lovely words.

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