Flutterby butterfly

Today, I spotted a monarch butterfly flitting amidst the coneflowers. It was beautiful and it stayed for some time before flying away. Here are some portraits of the lovely butterfly, that fluttered by until it fluttered away.

Butterfly magic
flying over sea and land
coneflower visit

Stop, smell the flowers
look for the nectar within
pollination time

Stretch colorful wings
easterly and westerly
adventures await

Butterfly resting
not being a flutterby
a beautful lull

Soon I will be gone
to explore other gardens
yellow coneflowers.

Notes: Feel free to share butterfly stories… or comments about butterflies… or bees… or any kind of pollinator.
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5 thoughts on “Flutterby butterfly”

  1. Beautiful photos! I love butterflies; actually, I’m a bit like a butterfly, flitting from one adventure to the next. Thank you for such an interesting post.

  2. You got some nice captures here. There was a swallowtail butterfly fluttering amongst my day lilies the other day but I couldn't get there in time. It's such a thrill to be able to interact with a butterfly in this way.

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