buffalo sabres

Wow. What can I say? The Sabres are awesome. They and their opponent, the Carolina Hurricanes, are making this NHL Eastern Conference finals a great series. The 2-1 win for the Sabres in sudden-death overtime was thrilling.
The two teams will be back in Raleigh, North Carolina, tomorrow. Game seven… the last game of the series… of the season for one of the teams… it’ll be good…
Thanks for the great entertainment, Sabres and Hurricanes.
post script: it is now the second of june, and the series is over. The Hurricanes go on to play the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup series, and the Sabres go home.
I am disappointed that the Sabres didn’t win, but happy that they made it this far. Only their most die-hard fans (one of them being me) expected them even to make it to the playoffs. The Sabres played with great energy and truly put their hearts into the game. It was a pleasure to watch them, even when they were losing. They never gave in or offered any excuses.
Who knows? Maybe next year, the Sabres will win the Stanley Cup.
Thank you for a great season, Sabres.

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